Health & Safety


We are looking forward to safely and thoughtfully welcoming you back to The Colony Palm Beach, and assure you that our number one priority is the health and safety of our guests and employees. In anticipation of your arrival, please be aware of the ever changing rules surrounding each State’s travel requirements. As of today, the State of Florida has no travel restrictions in place.

Please see the links attached for any questions you may have regarding Florida’s current regulations:

Florida’s Traveler Page      Palm Beach County Ordinances

Florida’s COVID-19 Info        Town Of Palm Beach Guidelines

Thank you and see you soon,


  • We hope you enjoy using the SmartTouch guest experience for all of your resort needs. Please be sure to check this iPad for confirmation of your reservations and appointment requests. Updates to your requests can be found in the message center: If you would also like to receive updates to your mobile device please enter your contact information below.
  • Yes, please send updates for new appointments and reservations to the contact information above: (You will also be able to check your iPad at any time.)