Polo, Palm Beach’s Best and most unique restaurant. Perhaps the only steakhouse anywhere having Al Fresco Dining and classic table-side cooking. Our Steaks and Standing Ribs are personally selected by Chef de Cuisine Steve Darling from large U.S.D.A. “Prime” cuts. Only 3% of Beef qualifies as Prime is stamped by a U.S. Government Inspector at the processing plant. To qualify as Prime, the meat must have an abundance of white lines and specks called Marbling.

Prime Steaks & Ribs are then aged “in-house” for a minimum of 28 days in our own special dry-air refrigeration equipment. This natural aging process not only tenderizes, it imparts a rich, creamy quality and subtle flavor. Your server will gladly show you the steak which is about to be prepared for you.

Full American Breakfast draws not just hotel guests but also “the Ladies who Lunch” crowd complete with little doggies and big hats.

Daytime specialties are our signature Lobster Bisque, “Polo’s Best” Chicken Salad, Lobster Salad and although not very steakhouse-like, little Tea sandwiches.

Polo’s cozy bar is a pleasant social club for Palm Beachers who come for good conversation; perfect martinis and great music. Friday is Motown night when the dancing spills onto the Pool Deck until the wee hours.


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Please call 561-659-8154


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